Our proficient, experienced Arborists have over 23 years of experience in expert tree removal and got all the skills and equipment to help with all your tree removal services. We provide services for both residential and commercial clients including real estate and corporate agencies, schools, universities, home and property owners and local government.

Tree care

Tree Care, includes starting from Tree pruning, lopping, trimming, hedging to completely removing a hazardous tree from its place through the later process of Stump Removal and Grinding. It is a necessity for residential, commercial and government properties. Trees in the vicinity of a road, highway, backyard, vegetation land are at the centre of attention for the tree care industry. Falling trees in space limited areas poses significant risk to both life and property. Roadside trees are  prone to biotic stress due to pollution  which makes them susceptible to fungal infections and various plant pests.

EVOLUTION TREES takes care of this trees as it has with them all the required experience and equipment starting from traditional tools to heavy machinery like cranes, bucket trucks, harvesters, and wood chippers.


TrEE Removal

There are plenty of reasons why tree removal may be required on your property. A dead tree is extremely hazardous within your property as it can lead to some serious damage to both living and non-living things. Trees which have outgrown from their original location putting pressure on buildings, plumbing, pavement, fencing and retaining walls need to be removed as soon as possible. Trees obstructing the ongoing land development or renovations are also a matter of concern.

Whatever the reason, the proficient and experienced Arborists at Evolution Trees are the people to reach out for all your tree removal services.


Tree Prunning

Evolution Trees is a leading Tree Prunning Service provider and covers all the four different types of Prunning services required for your Trees. We specialized in:

  • Fine Tree Prunning
  • Standard Pruning
  • Hazard Trimming (electrical service wire clearance)
  • Crown Reduction Trimming

Our high quality service includes fruit tree pruning and hedge trimming as well to large Palm, deadwood removal and complex tree pruning on large trees in confined spaces.V


Tree Lopping

Tree lopping or tree topping, is a method of tree pruning, where the top of a tree is cut off -“topped” or “lopped”. There are many reasons to do that mostly for safety and to stimulate new growth, opening up views, allowing more light, and reduced chance of property damage. These are all valid reasons. However, the average person’s knowledge of proper tree care is very limited, topping or lopping of trees actually causes more damage and makes trees unhealthy and potentially more dangerous.

We at Evolution trees, being experienced and highly skilled in this profession assure you to provide the service by keeping in view that no trees get harmed due to lopping but you will get the best out of it.



Removing tree stumps is essential to prevent them from rotting or else in turn it will attract pests such as termites and rodents to your house and garden. Rotting stumps are also unsightly, a tripping hazard, and can prevent you from utilizing the space for other purposes such as planting plants, or paving over the area.

Make EVOLUTION TREES your first port of call for expert stump removal for Hoppers Crossing, Greater Geelong, Ballarat, Creswick and throughout Melbourne.



Get rid of left over or unwanted portion of tree which may be spreading across the front or backyard of your residential or commercial property. Old stumps can get in the way of mowing your lawn or be a trip hazard for you and your family. Plus, they make it hard to plant a new tree when you’re ready.  Grinding is much more efficient than stump removal as the chips can be used as mulch for other plants in your landscape.

In this case we at EVOLUTION TREES, use the latest techniques and the very best equipment to completely shred the stump down into small woodchips.  For expert Stump Grinding services in Hoppers Crossing, Greater Geelong, Ballarat, Creswick and throughout Melbourne, call the professionals with more than 23 years of experience at Evolution Trees.

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